May Custom Homes can turn your vision into a well built masterpiece.  Each home is priced individually and based on the detailed specifications and allowances for each client and property.  Our goal is to streamline pricing without compromising our standards.


Selecting a home site

In one of our communities or on your property. If on your homesite, we will need:
A. Survey with homesite number, address, etc., or a copy of the plat
B. Direction to your property (we do like to inspect your property prior to our meeting, if at all possible)

Schedule a Design Appointment

In this meeting, Jerry May will discuss with you your thoughts and ideas about what you want in your new custom home and what areas of the home are the most important to you and your family.

Preliminary Drawing

Based on the information gathered at the initial meeting, Jerry will meet with one of our designers to implement a preliminary drawing. Once this is done, we will contact you and set another appointment to go over this drawing. Occasionally, we may require more than two meetings, in order to achieve the design and look you want. Once we have arrived at a preliminary drawing that meets with your approval, an estimate can be completed.

Plans, Pricing & “Specifications”

At this point, we will have a set of “Specifications” (this is an itemized list of what is included in the estimated cost of your home) which will be reviewed in detail. You will be given an estimated cost for the home, based on the preliminary drawing and the Specifications. If you are in agreement on the estimated price, the next step is the “Plan Stage.” At this time, you will pay for your plans based on square footage of living area. This plan fee is paid up front but it is part of the investment in your home and will be credited to you at closing.

Check-Sets and Final Plans

Next the “check-set” of plans are examined from which the “final plans” will be drawn. These are the plans used for building your new home and include the specifications which are reviewed very carefully. Following your final loan approval, we will discuss required earnest money deposit. If you should need help finding a lender, we can refer you to competent area lenders we have worked with in the past.